Are teenagers screen-enslaved social inadequates? Your final piece of coursework is where you will need to respond to an article about teenagers. You will need to read through the article and respond to the claims presented by the writer. Please follow the following instructions. 2. Name the post –  IGCSE Writing to Respond 3. Write a letter […]

Year 10 Task – Out of the Blue How does the poet present desperation in Out of the Blue? Write ONE PEA paragraph exploring one of these techniques Choose the technique that you think is suitable for your level of understanding.  – present continous verbs – First and Second person  – repetition – Pathos (a […]

Sample Paragraph 2 – Structure of a persuasive paragraph.

One of the most difficult aspects of this piece of coursework is deciding what to include in your paragraph. Including a thesis statement and the 3 different supporting reasons is a key element of a successful persuasive piece. It is essential that you keep in your audience and purpose in mind as you primarily convincing your audience to embrace […]

Persuasive Speeches – 1 – Google Docs

This half term we will be exploring Persuasive Speeches. You will complete your second IGCSE piece during the last week of this term. The written word should be valued for what it can do for the reader, but great speeches have influenced and even persuaded people to great deeds and accomplishments even when faced with extreme […]

Homework due Friday 13th of November Either post your homework onto your blog or type/handwrite into your exercise book. a. Summarise in no more than 250 words the events of chapter Nine – The Nursery. b. How is the gothic genre explored in this chapter? Consider the use of the following: repetition, short sentences, onomatopoeia or […]

Writing to Describe – Your heart pounds, your hair stands on end…Tell a story about a moment when you were truly terrified. Monday 2nd of February 2015 Period 4 On Monday 2nd of February you will be commencing your first IGCSE Writing task. You are able to refer to any planning materials that you have prepared […]

Questions to consider when looking at Chapter 8 of Woman in Black.  Is the description of Arthur as a fool fair in your opinion? Find evidence in the text to support your point of view. What does Daily tell us about his character? Why do you think Arthur shows so much trust in Daily? Why […]

   Facing Your Nightmares! Tell a story about a moment when you were truly terrified. On Monday 26th of January to Wednesday 28th you will be writing up a perfect copy of a piece of descriptive writing where you are requiredto write a 500 words descriptive piece where you describe a moment when you were […]